Vitamin C Cream

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It’s all in the details

  • Powerful overnight results: As your skin naturally repairs itself overnight, this is the ideal time to apply potent skincare products- this concentrated cream helps you take advantage of this peak skin-repairing window. Trust in the powers of L-ascorbic acid, the advanced form of vitamin C we’ve added in this cream, to brighten, firm, and strengthen your skin while you sleep.
  • Rejuvenating botanical complex: Harness the power of nature with a skin-firming plant-powered formula. Centella asiatica and echinacea extracts work while you sleep to preserve your skin’s youthful features. Rich doses of repairing ceramides, healing comfrey, anti-aging green tea, and brightening chamomile extract are also infused in this night cream to noticeably enhance your complexion.
  • Improves texture and resilience: This cream is formulated to increase skin density, firm sagging areas, and promote a youthful skin texture while you sleep. The Vitamin C Cream’s formula is also enriched with rejuvenating ceramides to bond between skin cells to prevent moisture from evaporating so your skin can enjoy long-lasting hydration.

What you’ll love about it

Brightening vitamin C

Enforces skin’s natural protection

Healing comfrey

Antioxidant-rich formula

Soothing chamomile

Long-lasting moisture

Free radical fighting green tea

Repairing ceramides

Enhances skin resilience

Revitalizing centella

Firming echinacea

Hydrating centella asiatica

Improves density

Powerful overnight skin repair

Pro tip

Apply in the evening after cleansing. Massage the cream in upward motions until you feel it’s well absorbed.

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