Privacy Policy

Bovanti Cosmetics is committed to providing its visitors with a website that respects their privacy. This page summarizes the privacy policies and practices of Bovanti Cosmetics with respect to the Bovanti Cosmetics website.

  • Bovanti Cosmetics does not automatically gather any information from you. Information is only obtained if you supply it to us. Information provided to Bovanti Cosmetics is only used for the Bovanti Cosmetics's internal purposes including contacting you and answering you queries.
  • Bovanti Cosmetics uses software that receives and records the Internet protocol IP addresses. Bovanti Cosmetics will not try to link these addresses with the identity of the individuals visiting its site except in cases of abuse of its site.
  • Bovanti Cosmetics does not use "cookies" to track our visitors.
  • Visitor information is treated by Bovanti Cosmetics as confidential information. Visitor information will not be disclosed to anyone without consent except as required by law, or in accordance with this privacy statement or as permitted pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ("PIPEDA”).
  • Bovanti Cosmetics will not sell the visitor information provided to it except in connection with the sale, merger or transfer of Bovanti Cosmetics's business or in connection with a sale of its shares. We will not give or sell the confidential information to any third party marketer.
Upon the request of any visitor who has provided information to Bovanti Cosmetics and upon provision of identification satisfactory to Bovanti Cosmetics identifying the requester as the person who supplied the information Bovanti Cosmetics will supply a copy of the information on its files about that person to that person for verification and correction provided that the supply of such information does not and will not affect or reveal any information which is confidential to any other party and provided that the supply by Bovanti Cosmetics of such information will not affect confidentiality with respect to which any matter Bovanti Cosmetics is entitled to maintain as confidential pursuant to PIPEDA.