Hydrating Lotion

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It’s all in the details

  • Hydrates and protects: The perfect daily SPF cream that both nourishes and protects. This formula offers nutrient-dense active ingredients that moisturize, soften, and soothe dry, dehydrated skin while shielding it against harmful UV rays.
  • Ideal for dry skin: The Hydrating Protection cream enhances your skin’s natural protective moisture barrier, offering deep hydration all day long so you can say goodbye to dry, flaky skin.
  • Broad spectrum formula: Bovanti’s SPF 30 cream offers advanced broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays so you know you’re covered.

What you’ll love about it


SPF 30




Ideal for dry skin

Age-delaying formula

For daily use

Broad spectrum UV protection

Pro tip

Apply after cleansing or before being exposed to the sun. Reapply when necessary. Be sure to avoid the eyes.

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